Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement Payments

Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments: Get The Most Money With These Three Tips

There are a number of issues to consider in the sale of a structured settlement payment. By following the following three tips for selling your structured settlement payments, you will be three giant steps closer to a successful sale. As a result of over 20 years of experience purchasing structured settlement payments, J.G. Wentworth can help to make your sale easier.

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  1. Pick a good company.
    Like anything else, it is always good to do your research. Shop around and get several quotes. Companies can vary and you may get more cash selling your structured settlement payments to one firm than to another. Not only that, research each firmís reputation to find out how reliable they are. Are they experienced and well-established? Can you anticipate that the sale of your structured settlement payments will be a smooth transaction? Are the companyís representatives experienced? Are their customers satisfied?
  2. Know that you can sell a portion of your structured settlement payments or all of them.
    Carefully consider your financial needs. Do you need all of your structured settlement money now? If not, you can opt to sell a portion of your structured settlement payments and still receive periodic payments from the structured settlement.
  3. Get professional help.
    Before selling your structured settlement payments, it is in your best interest to seek professional advice from a lawyer who can advise and guide you through the paperwork process. It may also be wise to seek advice from a certified public accountant (CPA) regarding the tax implications of the sale of your structured settlement payments. Professional guidance can make the process of selling structured settlement payments for cash proceed smoothly and easily.

J.G. Wentworth has over 20 years of industry experience purchasing structured settlement payments from consumers, and has completed more than $2 billion in payment transfers.

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