Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement Payments

Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement

Contact one of our representatives today to find out more about the cash in your structured settlement that you may not have realized is available, but which you may need to meet your financial goals.

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Questions You Need To Ask Before Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Your decision to sell your structured settlement payments is an important one as it influences your future financial health and that of your family. The experienced individuals at J.G. Wentworth understand your need to gather as many facts as possible before making your decision. In addition to considering your response to the following questions, phone J.G. Wentworth and speak to our experienced staff about your specific situation.

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  1. Do I need this money right now?
    Think this over carefully and take your time. The objective of selling your structured settlement payments is to get cash now. If you don't need the money right away, continuing to receive periodic payments from the structured settlement may be best for you.
  2. Is selling my structured settlement payments the best decision for me?
    The answer to this question builds upon the last one. Only you know what will work for you. Do you have another way to get cash when you need it? Maybe you should consider only selling a part of your structured settlement payment stream so that you can invest for your future retirement. You do not necessarily have to sell all of your structured settlement payments.
  3. If I sell all or just a portion of my structured settlement payments, how long will it take to get my money?
    Depending on the state you live in, the process can take as little as 60 to 90 days. The process varies, but it goes more quickly when you have the necessary paperwork on hand. If you do not have your paperwork, a J.G. Wentworth representative can assist you with that.

The professionals at J.G. Wentworth are prepared to discuss your structured settlement and your need for cash now. Phone J.G. Wentworth today at 1-866-433-8603 or fill out the Free Quote form.