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Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement

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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments: Not an All-or-Nothing Proposition

If you are seeking cash for your structured settlement payments, but would rather not sell all your future payments off, you may be interested in knowing of an option known as a 'Partial Payment Sale'. This is an option sellers of structured settlement payments have in which they sell some - but not all - of their future payments.

What's frequently most scary to sellers of structured settlement payments is the fear that they will be unable to handle their future financial situation if they sell all of their payments off at one time. That is why so many choose a Partial Payment Sale. They sell some of their payments in exchange for cash now, but also keep other future payments intact; this provides them some control of both their present and future.

If you're interested in a Partial Payment Sale, know that not every structured settlement buyout company permits them. Some companies are only interested in giving cash for settlement payments if you are prepared to sell off every future payment.

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What is most interesting about Partial Payment Sales is the variety of ways they can be structured. You can sell, for example, the full amount of your regular payments for several months or years into the future - then resume receiving your full payments following that point. Or you could sell just a portion of your payment amount for your entire payment period - thereby enabling you to still keep part of each settlement payment coming to you without interruption.

A company like J.G. Wentworth will patiently explore your current financial situation and guide you through the process. They will help you determine whether selling just a portion of your future payments will meet your current needs, and what your future payments would be, whether your payments cease temporarily, or begin to be in lesser amounts than what you were previously receiving.

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