Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement Payments

Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Get Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

- What is a structured settlement?
Structured settlements are annuities providing periodic payments to an individual as a result of lawsuits. They are given to recipients in order to provide them with a reliable source of future income.

- Can I really get cash for settlement payments?
The answer is yes. If you qualify, you can receive cash for your structured settlement payments in the form of a lump sum, that will put money in your pocket sooner, rather than over time.

- How long does it take to get cash for settlement payments?
Once you qualify, and J.G. Wentworth receives all the required documents it needs to process the transaction, the average transfer of structured settlement payments takes 60 to 90 days. Of course, the process may take longer due to individual circumstances.

Fill out the Free Quote Form or contact J.G. Wentworth today at 1-866-433-8603 to discuss getting a lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments.

- Who is J.G. Wentworth? Why should I do my structured settlement payment buyout with them?
J.G. Wentworth is among the largest and most respected structured settlement funding companies in the country. They have purchased over $4 billion of future payments from over 50,000 customers. They also have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

- I've already sold a portion of my structured settlement payments. Can I sell more?
Definitely. Even if you have already received cash for some of your structured settlement payments, you can complete a second transaction if you qualify.

- How do I get started?
Simply contact a customer service representative at J.G. Wentworth or fill out the Free Quote Form located on this website to discuss getting cash for structured settlement payments.

Need cash for your settlement payments? Please call J.G. Wentworth today at 1-866-433-8603 or fill out the Free Quote Form.